Joint Degree in Law

3/2 MBA+JD

Full-Time MBA+JD

Years to complete both degrees



Profile of classmates at Kelley

3 years undergraduate study in finance and accounting, 100% Kelley, no prior work experience

Undergraduate degrees in wide range of disciplines, 3-5 years of prior work experience

GMAT required
*Kelley students are exempt



Concentrations in curriculum

Accounting or Financial Analysis

Finance, marketing, supply chain, accounting

Career opportunities

Tax, business-related legal specialties, finance-related careers

Typical law school graduate careers, i.e. transactional law


Accounting, finance and other general business courses

Undergraduate degree



Mirrors law school placement unless prior work experience

Opportunity is waiting for you at Kelley

The Kelley 3/2 MBA and Law Joint Degree saved me a lot of time and expense in completing my education. This was invaluable.

Tom Lunsford, MBA/JD'02, Chief Financial Officer, Syndicate Sales, Inc.