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Positive Change Through GLOBASE

Learn more about the partnership between Kelley MBA GLOBASE and Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development (CORD). Find out how you can become a GLOBASE partner. 

Description of the video:

See most of us are asking a question about what do we want in life?

The poor are not any way different from us. They, too, are asking themselves, what do they want in life? And each one of us wants to be happy in life.

However, for the poor... to be happy... they need the basic needs of life.

CORD's mission is to transform people through programs driven by themselves. So, CORD believes in untapping the potential of the people to live a very self-reliant life.

There is a lot of poverty in my village. Because it is a mountainous area... whatever facilities are made available by the government do not reach the village. My purpose of coming to CORD is that through CORD... I can bring all the government facilities and schemes to my village and thus help them become financially stronger.

When my husband passed away, my in-laws did not give me anything. They disowned me and my children after 12 days. After a month I can to CORD and when I arrived I knew nothing. They taught me sewing at CORD. They held my hand and taught me sewing. Ever since then I have been working and I really like it here.

CORD's model is focused around people. Around community-based organizations of men...women...children...youth... to look at the many issues that they have in life.

Together they will try to find as many solutions as they can. And the impact of this work has made other people's lives and people now who remain beneficiaries are now turning into a resource person.

Either they are coming forward and working with CORD as a volunteer or team member. Or on their own in the communities they are acting as a change agent.

Thanks to CORD there has been a lot of change in my life. I would not be in such a good situation if I had not started working for CORD. And as I learned things from CORD I first implemented them in my own life and then I shared them with many people in the village as well which brought about a lot of change in their lives. I will go back to my village and teach about CORD's programs. The women's groups, the youth groups, etc. Since I came to CORD, my life has been really sorted out it's like I have reached heaven here.

But, I'm sure we can contribute... Something to India's transformation in rural areas. Maybe a drop in the ocean but a very... very stable drop, whatever it is.

And people are not only just improving their livelihood, they are not only increasing their income, they are not only improving their governance, they are not only protecting, preserving, conserving and using natural resources but they are protecting the future for their children as And that, that all they are doing through their active involvement and that's interesting...that's a change that's a big change and that's a real hope for the future as well.

CORD's outreach efforts have helped more than 600 rural villages and 60,000 individuals. Learn More: WWW.CORD.ORG.IN