Learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion as a Kelley MBA

You’ll begin learning and talking about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion before classes even begin. Foundational concepts are introduced in your Me, Inc. orientation and complement the personal leadership and values-driven career development material in this signature program.

You’ll learn more during your two years with us through:

  • assigned readings during your integrated core courses to provide historical context for the need for DEI progress in the business world
  • case studies about women- and minority-owned businesses
  • guest lectures from external DEI subject matter experts
  • discussions about systemic and implicit biases, and also developments in corporate social responsibility
  • presentations by corporate leaders about DEI initiatives at their organizations

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Strengthen your advocacy by earning a Diversity Ally Certificate.

Deepen your commitment to diversity and inclusion through the educational assignments, workshops, cultural events, and club activities that qualify Kelleys for a Diversity Ally Certificate.

Learn about the certificate


Serve your classmates as a Diversity Champion

The Kelley Diversity Champions serve as an extension of the Graduate Office of Diversity & Inclusion, providing additional support through education about inclusion efforts and assistance with diversity initiatives for the Full-Time MBA Program. They act as liaisons for student organizations and cohorts, and strive to ensure that all backgrounds and cultures are embraced and respected.

Questions? Contact me.

Portrait of Regina Funk


If you want to know more about these programs and diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Full-Time MBA Program and Kelley community, please contact me at regnlee@iu.edu.


Regina Funk, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Graduate Programs

Community and support on campus

Outside the walls of the Kelley School, you will find active cultural centers, programs, and initiatives designed to support and advocate for diverse students. Explore these organizations to find engaging and educational activities and to meet peers and staff who are committed to your success at IU Bloomington.

Some of our students also get involved in IU Bloomington student government.