Areas of Study

Kelley PhD students gain in-depth training through coursework, mentoring, research, publishing, and teaching. You will work with faculty upon entering the program, and will learn to communicate complex ideas as an instructor. Ultimately, you will work to become an expert in your field as you design, conduct, and defend your own research.

Students can choose from the following areas of study:

The Department of Accounting is a hub for diverse research activity and productivity, carried out by leading scholars.

The Department of Business Economics and Public Policy offers students the opportunity to study and work with leading researchers on economic and policy issues.

Faculty members in the PhD program for entrepreneurship/strategic management guide students to develop a strong theoretical foundation and rigorous empirical skills to conduct innovative business research.

The large size of the Department of Finance ensures a wide coverage of research areas so that students interested in any aspect of finance are sure to find faculty expertise.

Faculty members in the Information Systems area have diverse research interests and are conducting world-class research using the latest methodologies in the field.

The Department of Marketing fosters research skills, creativity, and real-world understanding. The department is at the forefront of creating innovative and relevant new knowledge for the discipline.

The Department of Operations and Decision Sciences is comprised of faculty with expertise in business analytics, operations management, and decision sciences, which fosters an environment for interdisciplinary research.

The Department of Management and Entrepreneurship includes faculty research expertise in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. Doctoral students can work alongside faculty conducting new research in these areas.

Program Structure and Learning Goals

Planning and preparing for a lasting and meaningful academic career, one that not only fulfills your goals and ambitions but also positions you as a future thought leader, takes time and support from people who know what it takes. Faculty at the Kelley School of Business inspire students to develop thought-provoking scientific research into knowledge that impacts business practice and advances the academic discipline. Learn more about the program structure and degree requirements.